Pump It Up: Pumps for under $30

Something that I really love about fast fashion stores is that they carry the same styles in multiple colors. Sometimes you want that classic t-shirt in 3 different colors…and in this case, Forever 21 carries super cute pumps that come in multiple colors for under $30.

I really love the suede pumps in Mint and Coral…they are so perfect for Spring and easy to coordinate outfits with.

What’s your favorite shoe that was a steal?

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous!


Sale Alert: Fabulous Finds for under $50

So, because I’m a maniac and love sales, I have a folder in my inbox dedicated to sale emails, and receive about 100 a day (I know, I know).

Today’s ASOS e-newsletter announces a 20% off sale on a ton of outfit worthy pieces perfect for Spring, and I couldn’t help but pick out my favorites that are all under $50.

Happy shopping!


Jason Wu - Day 1

Yesterday I made a “live-blog” post covering my adventure with the Jason Wu for Target launch.

I picked up the Dot-Print Shirt Dress in store and couldn’t be happier with it! It’s super comfortable and super adorable. I’m wearing it with a black sash that I already had…I highly recommend pairing this with a skinny black belt or sash as the dress may look shapeless without it.

If you’re able to get your hands on one, the dress runs one size large, so I’d suggest sizing down (I’m normally a medium and ended up getting a small). Click here for a handy size chart too!

The Fashion Adventures of Tongue-in-Cheeky: Jason Wu for Target Edition

I have been waiting for this collection for months! The Missoni release was of little interest to me, so when it was announced, the first thing I did was create a calendar reminder.

I managed to snag most of the items online when pieces of the collection were posted in waves, which started around 10pm Pacific time on Saturday.

The Poplin dress in navy sold out in what seemed like seconds, so I already knew that I’d be making a trip to the store (in-store finder win!).

I humbly present to you my adventure of release day of this highly anticipated collection!

5:07 am
Against my better judgement, I shut off my alarm and woke up to get ready.

Ugh…am I really up this early??

5:40 am
Luckily I live one block from a big Target, so I get there in literally a minute. But wait…there is actually someone already in the parking lot. This is major shopping dedication!

5:46 am
I came prepared with an iPad, coffee, and a blanket to keep me entertained/awake/warm until the store opens in a little over 2 hours.

5:55 am
Since there isn’t a wifi connection, I figured I’ll catch up on some blogging and write out drafts of some posts (like this one!).

6:12 am
In fear of my car battery dying, I power down completely and just kept the lights on. A security guard drives by and probably thinks we’re insane (he’s not incorrect).

6:29 am
Dawn is breaking and I’m playing Bejeweled. I contemplate going over to the other car to introduce myself and get a coup together to help pick out items for each other. I decide I’d rather be warm and continue beating my own high score in Bejeweled.

Four-eyes! Can you see the dark circles and obvious fatigue?

6:48 am
I have actually surprised myself that I’ve committed to this, on the count of my love of sleeping in. This obviously proves my love for Target and Jason Wu more.

6:55 am
The first person there made her way to the front of the store, so I follow suit. I start chatting with her (her name’s Evonne) and we talk about the items we are hoping to pick up, and like me, has already purchased some online.

The quiet before the storm.

7:15 am
There are already 10 people in line, and anticipation is growing!

7:45 am
This is unreal, there are definitely over 50 people in this line…it’s wrapping around the store! Evonne and I agree on a game plan: she will head to the accessories first while I go to the clothes.

7:55 am
A Target rep walks out and gives us some ground rules: they will let in 15 people at a time to control the chaos, and quantity will be limited per person. If you grab more than 1-2 of any style in any size, they will refuse to ring you up until you put it back. Awesome, way to go Target!

8:00 am
OMG, it’s really happening! I speed walk to the side and immediately set my sights on the Poplin Dress in navy, Flared Dress in Black, Cycle Dress in cream, and Shirt Dress in Cream.

8:05 am
Just like that, the racks are EMPTY. I rendezvous with my partner in crime and we swap our findings. We make our way to the fitting rooms to do more process of elimination.

8:15 am
The fitting room is crowded with women hoping to get their hands on any discarded items…and the tactic worked! I give a few of my “no” items to a couple women who look excited. Patience pays off :).

8:45 am
Evonne asks for more advice on some of the items she was iffy on, and we finally make our way to the register. We pay and part our separate ways…I’m so thankful that we worked together! 

8:50 am
I’m home, exhausted, but happy and excited that waking up at 5:00 am wasn’t in vain. I’m so excited for everything I’ve picked up and can’t wait to wear every single piece.


I hope your adventure was just as eventful and exciting as mine was. Keep an eye out for another post to review all the items I picked up in greater detail!

Until then, I’d love to see what you picked up by posting a photo reply below.